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  • Fuel the Fire Conference
  • Fuel the Fire Conference
  • Fuel the Fire Conference
Fuel the Fire Conference

This is a monthly interdenominational ministers fellowship, organised by Covenant Alliance.

It is purposed for encouragement, divine direction, focus sharpening and empowerment. It holds presently in four countries;Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and England UK.

It is open to all ministers in any of the five fold ministry offices, whether they are registered members of the Alliance or not. Annually the FUEL THE FIRE CONFERENCE holds in each nation, during which members of the alliance from all over the country and other members attend for fresh fire.

The Vision of the confenrence which is also the vision of Covenant Alliance is to have an International Alliance of END-TIME prophetic agenda conscious ministers, committed wholly to the full gospel, for the total man and the whole world.

About Us

Fuel The fire Annual Conferences is held in four countries at the present moment by Covenant Alliance.

For more information about the Alliance please view information at Covenant Alliance.

Covenant Alliance is pioneered by Bishop Samuel I Olumakinde Alawode, Who is also the President of Maranatha Lord cometh Ministries International.

Covenant Alliance is an interdenominational International network of Ministers, Ministries and Churches alligned together for the purpose of Vision sharpening, networking supports, and divine empowerment for the expansion of God's Kingdom on Earth.






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